My name is Linz.  I’ve never been married and I don’t have children. I live in the armpit of Texas, otherwise known as Southeast Texas. I have two very spoiled pets.  My cat, a Persian mix named Rika, is the devil in feline form. [Since writing this, Rika has passed away. But she lives on in heart and memory, and so shall live on in this post.]  She enjoys napping, eating, and biting.  The latter she enjoys the most. My dog Buster is a Whippet/Min Pin mix, and he is truly “my baby”.  (I know, I know, gag.) I am a walking contradiction. If you knew me, you’d understand exactly what that means. Writing is my passion, working is my hobby. I laugh the hardest when I’m laughing at nothing at all. I find comfort in the insignificant. I love all things coffee. My favorite movies are the ones that make me think for days, or even weeks. I devour books of all genres. I like music I can drown in. I tell stories like I’m on stage. I analyze everything. I’m brutally honest. I dream all night long, and I daydream all day. I suppose that makes me the epitome of a “dreamer“. I don’t do anything casually – friendships, relationships, reading, writing… even shopping. I’m a firm believer in simple pleasures. I like “moments”. My feet get hot when I drink beer. I chew my bottom lip when I think.  My eyes are naturally drawn to the movement around me, thus I rarely look people in the eyes for an extended amount of time.  This is often misinterpreted.  You know you’ve reached an elite status with me if I’ll talk to you about farts and poo.


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